Let my bulletproof Burqa be, please!

If we walk down the path of allowing the government machine to restrict our wardrobe selection further, it sets up a dangerous precedent for the future and is very impractical to implement in real life on top of that.

bulletproof burqa

The burqa and similar clothes have been a hot topic in Europe for some time now.
Seen as alien, an oppression put on women and somewhat disruptive in everyday life: You are not allowed to wear helmets inside banks to hide your identity, but the burqa has been a gray area no one wants to dip their toes in really.

How shall society and state meet these problems?

Norway administration has proposed a ban on face-covering veils in school institutions, Denmark banned it from public outright and Sweden’s parties are everywhere from full ban to a more moderate approach. All of whom are pro banning have one thing in common: They propose it as a way to make women free.

You can not rationally limit peoples clothing through force in order to free them, that is an antithesis of freedom. Its trading liberty for quick, easy solutions to perceived problems and won’t affect the core of the matter you are trying to scrub.

Fixing symptoms of a problem is not the same as fixing the source of the problem. When the problem you are trying to fix is involuntary action, its very counterproductive to insert a second one on the top and call it a day – In fact, it can quickly become a mess. With the public banning in Denmark, it came with a public banning of masks as well. Imagine being arrested or fined for wearing an Iron Man-helmet in Copenhagen.

My modest proposal is to reintroduce the concept of private property and freedom of association. Let local school districts have direct democratic votes on social issues regarding their public schools. Give the tools of self-governance back to people and social issues can be tackled by the actual humans it affects and not some faceless power structure.

In the same line of the stupidity of the burka banning, Social democrat representatives in Malmö, Sweden, wants a country-wide ban on bulletproof vests. Since the town has been plagued with gun and grenade(!) violence for some time now, civilians and gang members start to use bulletproof vests for protection. The reasoning behind the proposal to prohibit the protective vests is that “it will escalate violence” – You know, just like having a lock on your door will escalate break-ins. Pure backward thinking at its finest.

Would you like for your political representative to have a say in how you dress? I don’t.


Forbid Bulletproof Vests, Metro article (Swedish)

Clear Yes to Burka-ban in denmark, Aftonbladet.se (Swedish)

It is now forbidden with Burka/niqab in Norwegian schools, Dagbladet.no (Norwegian)

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