Expedient Homemade Firearms [Book Review]

A book in true do-it-yourself spirit, where the author shares a simple recipe list to build your own 9mm fully automatic weapon. 80 pages practically proving how futile any anti-gun laws actually are: This is my review of “Expedient Homemade Firearms: The 9mm Submachine Gun” by author P.A Luty. 


I am not a gun-nut by any standard, but I have a very nerdy personality and am a self-professed information junkie. I am also an incredibly curious person, hence why I picked up a copy of this book to satisfy my thirst for knowledge.

The anatomy of a gun, what the different parts actually do and how they function together was a pure mystery to me. After reading P.A Luty’s “Expedient Homemade Firearms” I can with confidence say that all three parts have been de-mystified and my understanding of the mechanics has been improved.

The book is well-written, rich with black and white photography to supply the text with a visual to guide you through the process. A handy shopping list of required tools and what material to use is provided. Exact measurements are given for everything down to the millimeter.

As a reader, you are invited to a very punkish style of solving your crafting with practical advice, this is a great example taken from the book:

“Alternatively, a large power hacksaw blade can be used for this purpose, which would make the job somewhat easier. These are available from most hardware stores, but you can get one free by sifting through scrap bins at your local engineering shop.”

A very thorough and educational book, where the attention to detail is high and small tips is baked into the flow of the work. As a reference guide “Expedient Homemade Firearms” is pure awesomeness –  Each piece of the weapon has its own chapter that explains the function and how to craft it.


I am not a particularly handy person and would most likely never get the urge to whip out metal and some screws to start constructing this kind of improvised firearm myself, but I like that there is a book out there that documents the process in how to do it.

P.A Luty wrote the book as a protest against the Brittish gun laws and actually got arrested after the testing of one of his guns. The foreword gives you a clear idea of what his philosophy behind creating the book was: Anti-establishment and pro-freedom. A message I support fully. Some wise words:

“The gun that can truly be called homemade is one that can

be built by just about anyone, even under adverse social

conditions and regardless of available facilities.”

It is a book I can recommend to anyone that likes to study practical ways to be a dissident, for the gun-curious, for people that like to collect quirky books or for anyone that believes banning guns is in any way a fruitful endeavor.  It is starting to become quite rare and thus very pricey at the moment – P.A Luty himself died in 2011 (May he rest in peace) and Paladin Press publishing the book closed up shop in 2017. I picked up my copy at a second-hand bookstore, so be on the lookout for it in the wild if dropping over $100 isn’t an option for you.

Here is a great youtube video made by ForgottenWeapons.com that gives you a look at how Luty’s own firearm looks like:

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