Libertarian Viewtube Wednesday – #1

Premiering a new article series here on Libertarian Viewtube Wednesday – A series that is seeking to highlight new and old, big and small youtube-channels that is freedom loving and at least libertarian curious. My hope is that you come out from here with a thicker subscription list and some neat videos to watch. If you know a youtube-channel that you like and want to notify me on? Please drop a comment at the end of this article!


Supergirl Goes Anti-Gun

If you like great content that is well crafted and delivered neatly, look no further then Liberty doll’s youtube-channel. Her Supergirl video embedded below is the perfect introduction to her channel and what you can expect from subscribing to her. Amazing edits paired with a good message; don’t sleepon the Doll!

Liberty Dolls twitter
Liberty Dolls youtube channel

This Week In 5 Minutes (Episode 2)

I love supporting new youtube-channels and not too long ago Funny Libertarian moved into the platform to try it out. The format is just like the title suggests: Our hero presents whats happening in the week in around 5 minutes. Its a bite-sized video for people in a hurry that wants a quick injection on some of the topics that is hot off the presses, from the view of a libertarian perspective.

Funny Libertarian on Twitter
Funny Libertarian on Youtube

The Case for Privatization — of Everything

The 2018 edition of Mises University was a fantastic week of lectures and studies – Even if I did it online and not on-site it was a great experience I intend to repeat many more times. It’s hard to pick one lecture that was the best, all of them very of good quality and was packed with knowledge. That said, I want to high light this lecture by Walter Block since it was absolutely legend with amazing quotes like “some of my best friends are people”. He really hit a home run with his information-packed speech mixed with his special brand of quirky humor.

Walter Block on Twitter
Misesmedia Youtube channel
If you are interested in the books he is talking about in the lecture you can grab them here (affiliate links):

Culture Is Downstream From Politics

With a smooth Australian voice and sharp mind, Truediltdom the don boils down and explains hard economic, philosophical and political concept.  Ever wondered what BioLeninism is? Want to learn more about Nietzsche with a retro-style backdrop? TrueDilTom is your man. In the video below he explore the famous Andrew Breitbart quote and its an interesting ride:

TrueDilTom on Twitter
TrueDilTom’s Youtube channel

I hope you caught something new to subscribe to or watch. Do you have a libertarian, economical, political or philosophical youtube channel you like? Have you seen a great video that would fit in this weekly series? Please Comment! I’d love to hear from you!

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