Libertarian Viewtube Wednesday – #2

Libertarian VIEWTUBE WEDNESDAY episode 2

Welcome to the second installment of the Libertarian Viewtube Wednesday – An article series that wants YOU to find new favorites in the ever-growing crowd of freedom-loving content creators on the Youtube platform. Let’s dive in!

🔵 Yemen: The worst humanitarian crisis

I first heard about Dave Smith around 2 years ago when he was on a Joe Rogan podcast episode and I’ve been a fan ever since.  He has his own podcast called ‘Part of the Problem’, a comedy special, streams regularly on youtube and his unique talent for tackling serious issues with depth is seen through all elements of his work. It was hard to push one video to the forefront as to present him properly, so I picked one where you get him at his most serious:

[Dave Smith on Twitter][Dave Smith on Youtube][ Part of the Problem Podcast]

🔵 All Rights are Property Rights

It took me a while before I stumbled on Being Libertarian’s youtube-channel and I believe the first time I even saw one was through a retweet! Top notch quality and a good mix of topics in the video library to dig into is a delight for me when I find a new-for-me channel on Youtube. In Being Libertarians case, it was like finding a gold mine!

Props to Eric July for the excellent video I chose for the spotlight below:

[Being Libertarian on Twitter]     [Being Libertarian on Youtube]


🔵 “Permit Patty” is a Symptom of Statism

Libertarian Rants is a small youtube channel with quality content and his subscription count is criminally low. This is the biggest reason for me starting this series in the first place: To shine a light on channels that sorely needs more eyes on them! Libertarian Rants videos are short and sweet, it’s easy to tune in and digest the message. Even though the presentation is on the more sparse side (I’d love to get some source-links in the description!) I love the short format on busy days and Libertarian Rants is perfect in this regard!

[Libertarian Rants on Twitter] [ Libertarian Rants on Youtube]



🔵 Playing the Real Estate Market from an Anarcho-Capitalist, Austrian Economics Perspective

The “Dollar Vigilante” Jeff Berwick’s podcast Anarchast has built up a respectable amount of guest appearances and a very diverse one – I’ve been introduced to, on average, one more person to look out for per episode. That is really impressive! Interesting topics blended well with good interviewing skills make for a good time in my book and the Anarchast deliver this aplenty. Can not recommend this podcast enough. I guarantee you will have hours upon hours of material to enjoy!

[Anarchast on Twitter][Anarchast on Youtube ]

Did you get anyone new to follow? Do you have a channel on the libertarian side of youtube I should check out? Please let me know in the comments, on Twitter or Minds!

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