Libertarian Viewtube Wednesday – #3

Libertarian VIEWTUBE WEDNESDAY episode 3


Finally Wednesday! This is the third installment of Libertarian Viewtube – an article series where I shine some light on the freedom-loving content creators of the Youtube Platform. No matter the size or the 


🔴 Episode 1: What is the State?

The newly started Toward Anarchy podcast is a great new addition to the conversational side of youtube. Jesse pilots us through her ideas in a comfortable manner and without running too long (which happens often when you leave someone with a lot on their mind alone with a microphone, speaking from personal experience haha). It is going to be great to follow the growth of the Toward Anarchy channel – Follow along with me!

Toward Anarchy on Twitter     Toward Anarchy on Youtube


🔴 Free Speech Sing-along

The ‘Little Libertarian’ project is a fantastically cute and severely needed: How to teach children libertarian concepts at an early stage. The youtube channel is just one part of the project, the other half is books (not yet available) and with titles like “Don’t Hurt people, and Don’t steal their toys” I know I’m going to line up to buy copies of the books for my nephew when it’s available! Check out the upcoming books here and while waiting for the books, you can always sing a song:


Little Libertarians on Youtube   Little Libertarians on Twitter

🔴 Episode 138: Are Libertarian/Anarchists Utopian?

My go-to podcast that is always on top of my listen priority is Mance Rayders “Free Man Beyond the Wall”. I’m still trying to chew through the giant backlog of episodes of the podcast, but it’s getting close! Mr. Rayder is a busy bee and drops a new episode regularly, so if you are a fan of following someone delivering quality content at a neck-breaking pace – Look no further than this podcast!

The podcast has a lot of interesting guests from all over and the highlighted video here is with Jeremiah (his twitter) and is a great example of how sweet the podcast is. Enjoy!

Mance Rayder on Youtube and on Twitter

Mance is also an author of two books, that is on my to-buy list for their names alone:


🔴 “Global Warming, Population, and the Problem with Externality Arguments”

The Libertarian Alliance’s youtube channel is a place where the group stores their lectures and talks. Its a treasure trove covering loads of topic spanning over 100 videos in the library. From their official website they present their origin like this:

“The Libertarian Alliance (LA) was founded in 1977 by Mark Brady, Judy Englander, David Ramsay Steele and Chris Tame, in Mark Brady’s flat in Woking. It is an alliance of minarchist and anarchist libertarians”

The featured video  here is a lecture by David Friedman back in 2013 that covering a topic very relevant today about global warming and overpopulation:

Libertarian Alliance Official Homepage  Libertarian Alliance on Youtube Libertarian Alliance on Twitter


Hope you enjoyed this week’s installment! Please leave a comment below if you have suggestions for liberty-loving youtube channels I should check out! Also, please follow me on Minds, Twitter and Instagram

Have a splendid week!

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