Libertarian Viewtube Wednesday – 4

Libertarian VIEWTUBE WEDNESDAY episode 4

Another one of those Wednesdays where I present some of my favorite Youtube-channels for your pleasure and this Wednesday we can put our first candle in the cake: 1 Month in a row, baby! I am always loving if any of you readers have any suggestions for videos or channels that I might have missed, either on Twitter or in the comments down below!


🔘 Theft Isn’t Theft…

Have you ever met a kid that just stumped you how smart and sharp he/she is? To me, Atomic Ancap is one of those dudes – His channel is absolutely astonishing and I wish I was this smart when I was 13! Topical and mid-tier timed videos (sometimes too short, the world needs more of the ‘Cap!) is a very welcoming concept. You should start watching Atomic Ancap’s stuff today:

Atomic Ancap: Twitter, Youtube


🔘 Corporate Political Agenda Pushing, and its Unintended Consequences

One of my recent favorite content creators are the two guys behind the Asian Capitalist youtube-channel and its always sweet when the upload a new video – It’s like sitting and listening to two really good friends of yours talk about politics when you watch one of their videos. A little nerdy and rough around the edges sometimes, but always with big hearts and sharp minds. You can’t afford to miss these guys:

Asian Capitalists: Youtube, Twitter, Minds.

🔘  “Government On Trial”

A decade dropping truth bombs on youtube and being the inspiration for a lot of people to turn in their government-loving badges and jump with both feet into the anarchism pool. Larken Rose is an absolute beast when it comes to producing videos, courses, lectures, and texts, guiding us mortals with his words of wisdom. I hope you haven’t missed this man (and if you did, it can be our secret).

Larken Rose: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter.


🔘 Space Force, Gary Johnson, and #DeactiDay. Is this really happening?

Sarcasm & Liberty’s youtube-channel is all about live streaming and its always a blast watching the replays of these guys (I haven’t caught it live yet, sadly they don’t make their schedule around mine 😆) – Interesting guests, solid topics and a whole lot of laughs.

Sarcasm & Liberty: Youtube, Twitter


Thank you for stopping buy and reading, I hope you found some new to subscribe to. Do you have a favourite libertarian/anarchist on Youtube I have missed? Let me know in the comments below ✌

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