Libertarian Viewtube #5

I got an extra spicy viewtube edition this week, an article series where I present new and old youtube channels and videos in the libertarian space – Big and small channels that you might have missed! I hope you find new favorites to fill out your subscription list with. Peace, love and $crypto 💖

Libertarian VIEWTUBE WEDNESDAY episode 5



💙 “Libertarianism Is Not Conservative” 

Crypto-libertarians is valuable to me, as I am a tech dummy and need to be guided in the blockchain jungle that has sprouted up. You get no better company in that jungle on youtube than Vin Armani. Having the unique combination of being ex-male escort and philosophy studies from Harvard on his CV is absolutely bananas, in my book. Although a lot of Vin’s video material is in the general area of crypto currencies, he has plenty of material on politics and share his space with some great guests as well:

Vin Armani: Twitter, Youtube

💙 David Stockman explains why Russia is not a threat to the US

Scott Horton: Author, director and anti-war extraordinaire. I’m very late on the hype train of Mr. Horton and I just recently (like a couple-of-days-ago recently) found out he made a podcast and I have no idea how this gentleman can produce so much good material and still be able to find enough hours to sleep on top of all that. I guess getting “mistakenly” banned on twitter for a bit helped? You should check out his youtubes for some great material to listen: Tons of interesting guests and conversations! Also, consider buying his book “A Fools Errand – Time to End the war in Afghanistan” if you like his podcast material to support this brilliant show host.

Scott Horton: Twitter, Youtube


💙 Turkey Now, America Later

Who is the one person in the 2000’s that has turned the most Americans on to libertarianism and voluntarism? My money is on Ron Paul. Big daddy freedom and the politician in the USA that is the most outspoken about war. It’s a privilege that he is so easily tuned in to and gives out his thoughts on an almost daily basis via his youtube channel. We live in such amazing times when someone like Ron Paul get a big platform to reach out on – And in a time when he is needed the most. Subscribe to him today if you haven’t already, its is worth it.

Ron Paul: Twitter, Youtube


💙 How Steemit Curation Rewards Work and How to Earn More!

I have no idea if Brandon Frye is a libertarian or liberty-curious, I know nothing about his politics thoughts! But, he has an excellent youtube channel when it comes to videos about Steemit, a blockchain social media platform, that has helped me immensely to figure Steemit out. Decentralized social media will be the future of the freedom movement and the ultimate way to get total free speech, so anyone helping people figuring these things out is good in my book.  Check Brandon out if you like this kind of stuff!

Brandon Frye: SteemitTwitter, Youtube


Thank you so much for reading through and make sure to follow me on Minds, Twitter and Steemit to keep in touch with new updates on Utopium. Do you have a favorite video or content creator that is on the youtube platform? Give me an @ on the above platforms or drop a comment below here.

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