The Price for 3000 votes: A Mosque | Swedish Election

Democracy, you fickle mistress: Even though selling and buying votes is against the laws in Sweden, my gut feeling is that the grey zone for this practice is pretty wide. You are allowed to have a political platform and within that, you can promise whatever you want. What the Green Party representative, Ali Khalil, got caught doing this election though is pretty scary. 

More Government More Problems

As reported by Swedish National Television, two Conservative party officials were invited to a mosque in Alby, Stockholm, for a meeting – What they didn’t know beforehand was that they were going to be offered up a fair chunk of votes, in exchange for them approving a new mosque building project. In the range of 3000 votes was on the negotiation table.

-Elections are a democratic process. We want people to go and vote for the party and ideology they stand for. And this [kind of offer] we are taking a stance against. Says Stina Lundgren, one of the representatives invited to the meeting.

Ali Khalil from the Green Party told the representatives that he would convince the imam holding the sermon on this last Friday before the election (the election itself is on Sunday the 9/9-2018) to put in a good word for the Conservative party as part of his preaching, which would result in about an estimated two thirds of the crowd of 4500 people to vote for them.

The Conservative Party officials declined the offer but wanted 2 weeks to consider the building project in the next town hall meeting, before giving a final answer if they were for or against the building project of the new mosque.

Ali Khalil was the Green Party group leader of Botkyrka and have after this incident been stripped of his status, and the party is considering an eviction out of the party for Mr. Khalil.

The Conservative party is in an oppositional position in the community council of Botkyrka, and the promised boost in votes would give them about 45% more support. Now, this is a corruption scandal that got caught by investigative journalists and my simple question is – How many of these have we missed so far? Is the political system as waterproof that the Government pretends it is? Was this just one isolated incident out of many?


Interested in more about Democracy? I recommend Hans-Herman Hoppes ‘Democracy – The God That Failed‘ (Book review) – An interesting book on the topic.

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