Libertarian Viewtube #6

Libertarian VIEWTUBE episode 6

The sixth installment of the Libertarian Viewtube article series, where I give a helping hand in curating the youtube-platform for your pleasure, finding new videos and content creators to check out. When you are finished reading this one, make sure to check out parts [ 1 ] , [ 2 ], [ 3 ], [ 4 ] and [ 5 ] as well as leave a comment in the comment section if you got any tips on other Libertarian and freedom-loving channels to check out! 💖


Right-Wing Collectivism and Libertarian In-fighting

Can’t get enough podcasts to follow and listen to? Then you might have the same problem that I have. The best medicine for this problem? Add fuel to the fire and hope it solves itself over time, of course!

The guys behind Scottish Liberty Podcast has the two main ingredients in a good podcast on point: Great guests and interesting topics! The Scottish accents only enhance the experience, in my opinion:

Scottish Liberty Podcast: Twitter, Youtube


Madsen Moment – Housing.

A new-to-me, but not new-to-youtube channel is the Adam Smith’s Institutes video channel which acts as a hub for the institute’s lectures, shows, debates and so on. A really good channel that is easy to dig in to and consume hours of freedom-loving videos.

My favorite part of the channel is a show called “Madsen Moment”, which is a bite-size (under 5 minutes in length) videos where Dr. Madsen Pirie takes a topic and break it down:

Adam Smith Institute: Youtube, TwitterWeb Page

The Question Bernie Supporters Won’t Answer

Tom Woods is probably one of the planets most productive libertarian thinkers. No, I don’t have a graph to show for that statement. But, I can gently push you to Tom Woods youtube-channel that is basically one giant catalog containing a bit over 1200 videos, spanning 8 years – In addition to all lectures, books, and collaborations he has done.

With this wealth of videos to chose from its hard to pick the best introduction to both Tom Woods and his channel, so I simply picked one of my all-time favorites:

Tom Woods: Youtube, Twitter


3 Economic Principles You Need to Know

Rounding out this week’s 4th content creator on Youtube I want to highlight we have the Pholosopher, a sharp anarcho-capitalist who excels in presenting libertarian ideas in video format.

You should not only check out her youtube channel but also follow her on social media for some dank memes and bonus insights (and definitely buy a shirt or two)

The Pholosopher: Steemit, Youtube, Twitter, Homepage


Thank you so much for reading! If you got any content creators on the youtube-platform that you believe fits into one of these articles please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or send me a message on your favorite social media platform: Steemit, Minds, Instagram or Twitter.

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