Road fixed by local fishermen – Ignoring government | Norway

Who would fix the roads, if not the state? Well, in Norway’s case it turns out its fishermen, that need the road to transport the fish to buyers, that undertake this sort of project. It took the amateur road builders half a day to get the road serviceable again in a true “just do it” spirit.

norwegian road sign

In the small village Dyfjord with a population of 50, the fishery owned by Svein Lyder is the sole local business and after being frustrated with how bad the roads in and out of the village was, he simply put his crew on a break from their regular job to fix the failing roads:

“No, we didn’t ask for permission. We just ripped out the old asphalt and fixed it. The bureaucrats can yell at us after. If I had asked for permission, they would have asked me to submit a bunch of applications and told me to wait for a decision on the matter. So, to put it in a fisherman way, I didn’t give a damn. They might as well use some of their bureaucrat money on sending me angry letters. If we were relying on bureaucracy out here we would have starved to death” – Svein Lyder to local newspaper Kyst and Fjord

The local politician Holm-Varsi stated that the road the fishermen repaired was classified as a “bad road” by the government and that there is only going to be simple maintenance (by the companies with state-contract) done to it – Something Lyder just ignored and did by himself out of his own pockets.

“[Road construction] Seem to be a more predictable business than fishing, with more easy-going days. You don’t need to be a NASA scientist to do that stuff. Its great work, so we evaluate to do more of it.” – Svein Lyder

At this moment, there are no charges pressed against the hero road builders. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime and sometimes fix the occasional road.


Sources in Norwegian: NRK and Kyst og Fjord

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