Happy Birthday, Me | In the Pipeline

Celebrating my 36th birthday with a nice cup of coffee with the background music being Wu-Tang Clan’s 36 Chambers-album. I took a week off blogging on Utopium, but that didn’t mean I took a pause from writing completely – More on that and what is in the pipepline in this post.

Kitty helping out with reading Christmas Cards, thanks kid!

There is no pause button to be seen right now and that just the way I like it. I had a week or so break from blogging on here at Utopium, but I have penned articles for two other sites run by some online-friends.

One of them is the New Libertarian, managed by the meme-lord Sal the Agorist – You have to check out his podcast “The Agora” on your favorite podcast catcher. It is a privilege to produce text for his project as he is someone I respect in the political space and it’s going to be a fun ride! I’ve done three of them so far. In my head I’m going to try and do at least three pieces per month for the New Libertarian, of medium length (1200 words), focusing on the Agorist aspect of my political belief with practical ways towards anarchy.

The second blog is another great podcast-based site called Mcfloogle Dot Com. The guys doing the Rollo and Slappy show are two great guys, good company and they let me drop articles there, which is absolute insanity if you ask me – But as long as its voluntary I guess, haha! One time per week I’ll write about general freedom-loving stuff with far broader strokes. Fundamentals and questions are important ways to find good solutions.

In addition to running a website and podcast, Rollo is selling nifty mugs and t-shirts for awesome libertarian-leaning persons. Take a peek at the goodies!

What can you expect from Utopium in 2019? You can expect more book reviews (already have a bunch of them lined up) and more writings on separatism and Scandinavian politics – I am intending to write a book on the former subject, I have an editor that is helping me out with my legendary grammatics and general structure of the book. It’s great to have friends in the book publishing industry sometimes.

Podcast project: Agrarian Ideal. Artwork by the lovely Agora-Kitty

The second big project that is in the works: Podcasting. Everyone and their dog needs a podcast these days, so if you don’t want to consume my ideas in text form only, you will have the option to listen to me ramble as a bonus! I am trying to fix all the technical stuff right now and I think we are close. The podcast is going to be about philosophying a better society through sustainability and permaculture. In short: The Agrarian Ideal. A huge hug and thank you to Agora-Kitty for the artwork ❤

I hope all these things sounds exciting! I’m going to enjoy bits of my birthday away from the laptop now, so have a great week and see you later this week!

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