Swedish IRS, Terror Money and Liberty

Sweden, famous for IKEA, Zlatan Ibrahimovic – And terror funding?

Stop me if you heard this one before: Government fumbles with its (self-described) responsibilities and implement restrictions on the citizens that had did nothing wrong, severely restricting their freedoms to catch the few alleged bad guys stepping out of line. Its the same story repeating itself over and over again.

A few days ago, one of Sweden’s major newspapers reported (with a misleading, click baiting headline, but that is besides the point) that the relatively new rules in tax evasion prevention practices leads to less terror-funding getting caught in their net.

Let me explain: In the earlier version of the prevention-methods the Tax revenue office used they didn’t have to prove that you got your cash illegitimately, YOU had to prove that you didn’t. There is a lot of problems with this, mainly because its very hard to prove a negative and the complete opposite of how the law works for other things. Scared that it might cause a minor political storm in the long run, the policy got updated this April, to match how law is actually applied.

There is similarities to the old policy in practice and how RICO works in the US but applied to anyone, not only suspects and convicted persons of crime – Just to give you an idea the amount if bizarre we are talking about here. Can’t show a receipt for the cash you have on hand? Congratulations you got slapped with a tax and fined for keeping money away from the coffers of the Swedish authorities.

Not even a month after implementation, the new policy is already getting criticism from the government bureaucrats:

“The fact that we cant tax cash deposits is unreasonable to me. We cant give an exemption warrant to those that handle unrecognized assets”

Unnamed employee at the Swedish Tax Revenue office (Translated from Swedish, Translation: Utopium.blog)

Do you have a license for that money, citizen? Elitism only conceivable by some pencil-pusher working for the state. The attitude of ownership over the population stinks to high heaven. Control at all cost.

Ironically, I am guessing the Swedish state funds more than 0% of the terrorism themselves, through the countries welfare payment system in all its various forms. So, in essence, the state gives money to terrorist activity that they then need to chase down again, knocking over citizens right to privacy and sovereignty along the way.

As the political class waffles between shooting themselves in the foot or the hand on topics like this and returning IS-soldiers I’m patiently waiting for people to get fed up and demand some good, ol’ fashioned freedom instead of this circus.

~ Alex Utopium. Tweet with me!


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    • You mean the new policy? Well, it protects the rights of regular people as it should. If bad people use it to do bad things is out of the hands of the ordinary citizen and they shouldn’t be punished in my opinion.


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