I love Monday’s and Homemade Wine


I realized that my boss’s Mondays and mine are inverted: Mine is made for relaxing, planning, and reading. Hers is about catching up and fighting against the stream. Even if I have a lot of have-to-do’s I can pick my office wherever I want (currently on a bar in Old Town, Oslo) while she needs to be at work. I realized a few days ago both of our situations were my fault…Also, some progress on the homemade wine.


I like to be helpful at work and one of the ways I do that is using our whiteboard to note down all the things we are running out of. In my head I was doing something good since the boss isn’t working behind the bar as frequently as me, meaning that if she was going to compile the list she might miss something silly.

This Monday morning I picked up my own mini-whiteboard that I use here at home to compile to-do-lists on so figure out what to do during the week over a cup of lovely coffee.

As I was scanning the list and making a few adjustments it hit me: By doing this list at work for my boss she had to play catch up, starting from Monday. While my personal one is for fun stuff, like which book I should read, what article to write and what source material to dig into, the list I made for my boss was more a compilation of mini-emergencies, stuff that had to be done as soon as possible.

I thought I was doing her a favor, but I start to doubt it: I think a better approach would be to give her my internal checklist instead so she knows what to look for on her own so she can spread out the mini-emergencies over several days instead of everything hitting at once every Monday, a day her inbox is full of bookings and schedule making-duties already. Teach a man to fish and all that.

This realization reminded me about a book I read some 10-years ago, “Don’t Sell Stocks on Monday“. A rather dry (and probably outdated book) that took a closer examination on the data of stock sales, which showed Monday’s as, historically speaking, the worst day to sell. I don’t even remember if the book gave an answer to the obvious question of “why?”, but my guess is that you should probably not do anything dramatic on the first day of the workweek.

In either case, my Mondays are very cozy and the focus is on “work” that I want to do. Like fixing homemade wine.

Putting the Final Touches to the Wine

Back in May I picked some dandelions and made my first batch of wine, ever, and I finally bottled it last week. One of the perks of working in a bar is the near-infinite supply of glass bottles of all kinds and we sell a cider that is perfect for “recycling” with a new brew.

dandelion wine may october
Taste test in May: A hint of lemon liquor, awfull yeasty aftertaste. Taste test in October pre-bottling: Crisp, refreshing.

It was very exciting testing a small glass of the wine and seeing the difference in coloration and character of it from just a few months ago.

I pouring the racked wine into bottles and corking them with one of the best purchases I’ve done all year: This wine corker. A joy to work with and a cornerstone in my little winery.

All in all, 13 bottles of wine got done and are now stored in the basement for further

dandelion wine bottled
The Gang’s all here!

maturing. When I talked with more seasoned Dandelion wine-makers on Reddit they suggested a good 8-10 months storage for the best taste and profile.








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