First Harvest of 2020 – Cigars, Flowers, Microgreens


[Cigar Project is Underway]

Right before Christmas I posted a feeler on Twitter – Would people be interested in Cigars grown and rolled in Norway? I got a good amount of response, good enough to start the project in my head. Mid-February I started the first 4 seed trays of two different seeds under my grow lights and they are sprouting fantastically, pictures of that will come later this week.

A shipment with 4 varieties of seeds (banana leaf, gold dollar, silver dollar and dominican wrapper tobacco) showed up in the mail from Victory Seed that’s going into seed trays as well to give me a good selection to test out.

I’m expecting that this first year of cigar production will be all about learning the process and getting experience.

If all goes well, I will have rolled my first cigar before the year is finished. Be on the lookout for opportunities to get some samples if the cigars turns out smokeable, the more people that help me test them out for taste and quality the better!

[New house, New Pets]

I did quite a lot of growing in the small apartment me and my girlfriend lived in before: The kitchen counter was covered in tomatoes and basil, the balcony had tobacco all over it and even more tomatoes. I even expanded the growing space by doing a bit of guerilla gardened flowers in the surrounding area, with mixed results. Two work colleges were nice enough to give up some balcony space for even more tobacco plants and we learned how to curate it and make some cigarettes – That was a lot of fun (and profitable!).

Having limited space forced me to look at what could be done about that, which was both liberating and a lot of fun. I’ll continue doing the guerilla gardening in 2020 and am looking forward to spring like a kid waiting for Christmas. Due to an incoming addition to the family, we had to find a bigger place and that lead us to buying a house. We found a house that gave me so much space for growing plants, both inside the house and outside on our patio, . With this much space available I thought it was time to kick it up a notch and make things a bit more systematic and tighter.

Grow wall3
Grow wall in the basement, starting with two shelves. Left is with LED-lights on, right is regular lightning.

I started sketching up ideas in my head and I knew I wanted to test out microgreens. I also want to cut down on food waste, the cost of soil by making it myself and get organic plant nutrients and vermiculture have all those qualities so I knew needed to set up one of those ASAP.

The fastest way to get some material for a vermiculture bin was to grow some microgreens, so I tested 4 trays of that to get some sallad additions and food for the worms. I think I perfected every single beginner mistake when I grew those trays: Not enough seeds and soil per tray, the grow lights was a touch to far from the seedlings and some minor ones.

But, despite all that I got an acceptable harvest of Cress and microgreen broccoli that got eaten up in less than two days – and I could start up my first worm bin. New pets are always fun, right?

Hoping to share more pictures, update on the tobacco and how great the flower seedlings are coming up from the grow wall (and the company I’m starting in relation to the flowers!).

– Peace and Profit đź’š