Too many Tobacco Plants?

Tobacco Tray
The first tray of Tobacco seedlings getting transferred to more personal space.

“Be your own politics, grow your own garden, and maybe you can help out more”  – Rip Torn

This past weekend I had to chase down more pots at a local gardening store because I had more tobacco seedlings popping up than expected. I guess that is a good “problem” to have. The two varieties of Nicotiana Rustica that I seeded mid-February finally got their first set of true leaves and I wanted to give them a bit more space to grow in. Halfway into the first tray, I realized I had to stock up on more pots and off to the store I went.

When I finished up the first tray (out of four) I looked at the 40-something tobacco plant seedlings I had selected, because they looked like the best of the bunch, neatly lined up. It hit me I had a situation on my hands:

  1. I didn’t buy near enough pots. 2. Where am I supposed to put all these plants? haha

The only way out of this is to add another shelf to the growing wall in the basement and get more LED-lights. And buy more pots. A lot more pots. As a band-aid solution, I planted 4 seedlings per pot in the meantime. The logistics of moving everything outside is already in the back of my mind and I think I will need to reach out to my friends I grew tobacco with last year and see if they are interested in another year of growing, curing and rolling.

But, I can’t complain. With this much material to work with, I have plenty of stock to experiment with. I want to try and companion plant some Marigold and beans with a

Tobacco Pots
These guys are literally living on the edge, in LED.

select few and see how that works out: Marigold to attract pollinators (and to look pretty) and the beans to act as a nitrogen fixer for the soil. Tobacco plants really love their nitrogen and I have a theory that the plants with bean-friends will produce the best. I’m going to test that theory this season. If Norwegian spring could come soon that would help out my shelf-space problem.

I’m glad production is on track.


More to come and Oak Keg problems

I while back I ordered a French Oak Barrel for the purpose of fermenting tobacco leaves (and hopefully, make cigars down the road), but there was some logistical accounting error at the company that I ordered from and I had to wait for a new batch of barrels to come. Normally, this would take about a week or two. Then the European Union countries started shutting down borders because of the Corona virus and last I heard from the distributor is that “it will get up here eventually”.

I’m hoping it gets up here in time for me to use the fresh oak barrel as a fermentation vessel for a couple of beers before its tobacco-fermentation time, to give the cigars a nice unique flavor and touch. Whenever it happens, I have already gathered everything needed to make some awesome sour beers and re-read (for the third time) the excellent book “Wood & Beer” to soak up all the knowledge I can in preparation for the brewing.

Left: 20L Oak barrel I’m waiting for. Right: Wood & Beer book, expect a review of this one soon.

There have been 3 weeks since I planted the tobacco seeds from Victory Seeds and the first really small sign of life popped up now (22 days in progress). Remember me complaining about space at the beginning of this blog post? Yeah, it won’t get more spacey in the future, haha.

If you want to check out a really bad photo, drowning in purple LED light, head on over to Flote and check out the first sign of life of the Victory Seeds!



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