My Victory Seeds Experience🌱

victory logo
Victory Seed logo, from the farm Instagram Page.

Last year I bought some tobacco seeds from a large Swedish distributor and while that worked out swell, their selection of seeds wasn’t particularly great when it comes to tobacco seeds. I think they had, at most, 4 different varieties and we tested all of them with mixed results – But we found two versions that were really great for our purpose (grey market cigarettes).

This year I ordered those two to use as material for cigars, but also decided to browse online for sellers that had more varieties (and above all, plants that could be used as wrappers). Some New World products were needed for my project.

After some research and asking around I stumbled upon the Victory Seeds webpage. Thorough browsing later, I was sold. What Victory Seeds have in their selection are grown on their farm or gathered through their network of other farms that save and breed heirlooms and unique varieties of plants. On top of that, they have a seed preservation project and a seed-donation program. That sounds exactly like something I’d happily purchase products from and support!

My order got here in my mailbox in Norway very quick and it was loaded with the seed-packets and a ‘Thank You’ letter (personally signed) from the owner – A nice, personal touch I appreciated a lot. The letter also mentions that they are happy to help with any questions in regards to growing the stuff that you just bought and even if I haven’t taken advantage of that, I like having the option available.

Left: Thank You note. Right: Seed packet.

The seed packets had sweet instructions on them with estimated germination time and another letter with more general instructions (these weren’t specific to tobacco plants in any way, but neat for inexperienced growers). Everything got delivered in a sturdy envelope and came in perfect condition.

I got the seeds into some quality plant soil and at week 3, as promised on the package, baby tobacco plants started to pop up one by one. Even if I was a bit worried I messed something up (under/over-watering was my biggest concern) because they went over the time by a few days, but now when I take a peek into the trays all my worries are blown away. The germination has been close to 99% and that is a sign of seeds of high quality.

I had an extremely good experience with Victory Seed company and their products and I’m going to continue purchasing seeds from them in the future for sure (and perhaps take advantage of their offering of help as I’m going to transplant the plants outside in a month or two). While my main interest has been tobacco seeds this time around, but their library of flowers, vegetables, and herbs are huge and I’ve spotted some fun plants I want to test out. Victory Seeds webpage for those that want to join me in supporting this farm.

Germination Tray
Seeding evenly across a tray is very hard with these tiny seeds, but this tray had 100% germination despite my shoddy work 😂 In fact, I think there is more than 100 here, which is the number given on the seed package.


  1. Awesome! I hope it works out well for you. If you ever have an extra cigar which you can’t use, let me know and I will give it the “taste test.” Strictly scientific, of course.

    I have the same trouble seeding carrots. The seeds are very tiny. Last year I broadcast them directly into my bed and tried to thin them out, but it didn’t work very well. This year, I used a powder trickler to seed into paper cups, but even with the trickler, it was almost impossible to drop one or two seeds. Some cups may have as many as half a dozen. Once they sprout, I will thin them to one per cup and then plant the cups into my bed. Spacing should be easy.

    How do commercial growers plant really tiny seeds?

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    • Thamk you! If I am successfull, I’ll ask you for your adress and you can smoke some fresh norwegians for sure 🙂

      If I knew Id be a happy guy, haha, I’ll ask at the garden center next week when I’m there 🙂 Have a great weekend!


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