Tobacco Harvest Times

I’ve been nervous, but it looks like I nailed down the germination, and growing parts of the tobacco project. I allowed a sigh of relief when I got back home from a family cabin trip. Got greeted by flowering on the tobacco plants and when I inspected the plants a bit closer, I noticed that some of the lower leaves had started to ripen. With the first harvest tied and hung up in the basement, I can finally relax a little bit. For now.

I wasn’t too sure if the grow part of the project would work out – I was afraid that the plants was a bit too exotic for the mild and wonky Norwegian summers – but with the first stacks of leaves getting dried I can lower my shoulders a bit and start thinking forward. There is a lot to learn left, some more investment into handy tools to be made. Just because I can check off the raw materials off the to-do-list, but I’m still not too sure how to hand roll cigars so I have that to look forward to (and plenty of tutorials to go through on the internet – If you have tips, tricks or guides to share, I’d appreciate it!).

First batch of leaves

As I was cutting down leaves I saw how I could redesign the patio space for next year to make things easier for myself, both to pick leaves and to move around when watering the grow beds. Lots of experiences richer this season, and even though I kind of miss growing on balconies in certain aspects, its so sweet with more space and fun with less predictability (even if it was really extreme at times).

I’m looking forward to seeing and documenting the process of the tobacco drying. Since I’m at this stage of the process its easier to estimate how much raw tobacco there will be when all is said and done, and with that a potential number of cigars. 400 seems to be a happy medium, which sounds insane to roll and I’m surprised how little space it took to grow.

Lets see where we end up!


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  1. Nice! One thing I admire about you is that you’re always trying new things and finding ways to make them better. I certainly hope the rest of the process goes as well as the first part.

    Happy smoking!


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