When Strangers Murder Innocents

Empathy is one of the most powerful forces we have in our toolbox. Even if I feel a bit number now, having experienced so many versions of human tragedy through different digital screens (far more than people could ever experience before the internet), the death of kids still shock my system.

Late July, 2020, a gathering of gang members tries to gun down rivals but hits a 12-year old girl instead. The innocent bystander stood no chance as she was out walking her dog when she got caught in the shootout.

There is a lot of things that can be discovered by digging a little bit in regards to the gangs and their activities, and I guess there is a lot of history going on that outsiders like me can’t quite put our fingers on without tapping into the network of Strangers – and I choose to name these people Strangers for a very specific reason.

The death of innocent bystanders is a byproduct of gang violence and its extra complicated when the gangs are strangers, because if they are strangers its hard to punish bad behavior with societal sanctions. If the gangs could get condemned publicly and prohibited to get all the positives of being part of a society by being identified and banned, for example, from entering supermarkets, they would probably think twice about the consequences of using a public street as a shooting gallery.

As things stand right now, the Liberal Swedish Society relies on a rotten legal and policing system which operates for its own survival and not necessarily to give justice to the non-Strangers. These outsiders, these Strangers are getting help from these Liberal schizophrenics in charge of the legal and policing system:

“These [Gang Members] are in reality themselves victims”, Martin Lazar (local police officer) wrote in his bid to drown out the action of individuals. He want to split responsibility of the murder on society as a whole in his essay published on a mainstream trash tabloid.

“Who takes responsibility for them?” he asks, like its out of the Strangers hand to behave like a human being and not shoot kids. The hive mind mentality of responsibility is a plague on the topic. If you want to hide a person that did something bad, where do you hide them? In the collective.

The saying “Society has failed them” has been repeated so many times that its starting to mutate the Swedish society into a strict Social Democratic hell hole where the system is getting geared up to take responsibility of everything in your life from cradle to the grave: Society and system is conveniently mixed up together and become one.

This is done by careful design. If you can blame society for some personal failure somewhere, the system can add another line of code to its laws and hopefully correct future failures before they even happen. Frank Braun calls this phenomenon an Addiction to Security and I agree completely.

This is how you get an absurd amount of detail oriented laws that are focused on preventing a problem rather than helping with a solutions – The law is supposed to be the solution to the problem. I don’t know how many versions of “Thou shalt not kill” you need on the books before kids stop dying in the streets. I guess we have room for a couple more?

There has been very few social problems solved this way, especially when one part is a Stranger that doesn’t care about your little system of Order and Control(TM). They are outsiders, your mechanics of control doesn’t apply to them, nor will it really hurt them. But for the lackeys of the elites, repeating mantras gives them scraps from the Overclass table.

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