3D-Printable Prototype: Body for a Box Delivering Toy Car

[ Institute for Studies of Autonomous Vehicle Systems ]


Reward: BTC 0.0048

Project Synopsis: The goal of Project #002 is to get 3D printable files for a car body that will act like a prototype to test out ideas on and equip with electronic parts.

Project Deadline: First completed submission that is 3D printable and works will receive reward.

Project Submission: The files (in STL format) and any instructions (in .TXT format) need to be submitted to I4SADS@Protonmail.com – Along with a Name you want to be known as and Bitcoin Wallet Address where reward should be sent.

Result: The files for the prototype receiving the reward will be uploaded to I4SADS Keybase and will be open source forever. The Institute might upload the files to additional places if necessary. Winner will be broadcast on I4SADS Social media: Twitter or Flote. If you are the one collecting the reward, we will reply to your email with the transaction ID. The TXID might be shared publicly on social media as well.


Details: We are looking for a car model that can carry a package with the following size dimensions: 30cm x 30cm x 15cm ( 11.7″ x 11.7″ x 5.6″) (This is roughly the dimensions of 2 Ticket to Ride board game boxes stacked on top of each other which will be used in future testing)

The design aesthetics of the body is up to the designer to decide (van, pickup, drone crawler), as long as the car can carry the package (and loaded/unloaded) it goes.

The body itself need to be 100% Printable. The body needs to be able to be screwed together, no glue or similar allowed. Sturdiness is key. Any fragile design will be rejected.

Space for Engine, motherboard, cameras/sensors, and other electronics need to exist so the car can be driven. A body that cant be kitted out to be driven will be rejected.

Simple instructions for assembly should be provided.


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