Polite Proletarians

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sounds radical and on the cutting edge of political change when she drops quotes like “Only in America, when the president tweets about liberation he means ‘Go back to work‘” and on the surface level it looks like it has dawned on her how different it is for someone in a comfortable, powerful position than the old bartender gig she had. Having a great health insurance sure is nice, right?

But the recipe she prescribes as a cure is just safety net social democracy to lull the potential revolutionaries into becoming polite proletarian. It sounds so comfortable and just nice enough that it will lure people in. But you only need to scratch a little on the surface and the illusion of anything radical gets shattered fast.

Ponder the quote above: Does that sound like someone that would also propose a guaranteed job from the federal government? If liberation isn’t about being able to work when Trump tweets about it, why is it part of the solution she tries to implement on tax payer dimes? If wage slavery sounds like a bad idea, wait until its mandated by the state, involuntarily paid for by the tax payer and bored bureaucrats (sooner or later) gets handed the reigns over the project.

Alexandria endorses a Federal Jobs Guarantee, because anyone who is willing and able to work shouldn’t struggle to find employment“, from her website. Instead of the state serving its citizens, the citizens will be turned to serving the state and its elites. Imagine how much regulatory power the state has and how easy it would be for any legislator to crush its own competition. Throw in some shady corporation that knows how to siphon wealth out of this whole thing and the Fascist dream is more or less complete, with the icing on the cake being a militarized police.

But hey, you’ll be allowed to get $15/hour from your masters.

My disappointment with the Yellow vest movement, who has expressed a similar pattern of having a radical message just to promote some tame reformism in the end, should have come sooner. Much sooner. I was sort of blinded by that they wanted a tax cut and my reflex was to think “Hey! Perhaps these people get it? They protest a tax after all!”.

I’m more disappointed in myself: They didn’t protest the system, they wanted a system that was nicer and kinder to them. A softer boot on the neck. They got some compromises done, but the system of self-oppression is still intact.

When you bargain with Neoliberal power brokers, as the French president Macron is the perfect embodiment of (to almost caricature levels I might add), and they say ‘Yes’ you shouldn’t feel like a winner. The tax on fuel, which was the spark that started the yellow vest movement, got cut slightly but the state still control it – The state ensured they are gate keeping who gets to supply the market with the fuel people need to sustain in Macrons France.

A real radical would tell the state to shove its federal jobs up the behind and get out of the way when you try and create one for yourself. You shouldn’t have to beg for a job from the same machine that stops you from actualizing yourself – But in America there is a woman that hopes you do just that and she gets called ‘Radical’.

A real radical wants to have options when it comes to price and quality on fuel, and to pick a distributor that makes sure to keep you as their client, because your purchase is important to them. But in France there is a movement that wants the elite to monopolize this service because they think they hold the leash to the elites, when their ‘reform’ just seeks to put that leash into the elites hands.

Those supporting these so-called radicals are nothing but Polite Proletarians.

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  1. I think that’s a very anachronistic way of viewing something that is very present. I think her point is that Trump would say “shut up, and go back to work“, “never mind that man behind the curtain”. Whereas Cortez is saying more like, here we have a system where everyone should be a part in the manner that they are able to be part.

    The old Marxist analysis just really argues that some sort of utopia where everyone sits around the campfire and sings Kumbaya smokes they’re weird and grows organic vegetables.

    The very real world has left Marxism really far behind, and I think to bring up that old analysis is really kind of missing the reality that’s actually occurring.


    • I see where Cortez is going with what she is saying, but it is naive and will result in a Kafka:esque nightmare – the political class, unions and other privileged will have a field day with that kind of power.

      She has a way to paint things with bright cute colors and I can sympathize with trying to help people, but the historical track record of these kinds of things is horrible.

      Im not sure if you thought I was analysing this through a marxist lens, but its not. =)


      • Well. Proletarian. Sounds Marxist. 😊.
        The world is a perpetual nightmare. Just what is the featured flavor of the era is the question. 😁. And There is always power and privilege. I think she works toward a recognition of people, as opposed to a recognition of white people. That is the task this day. I’m sure some other us/them will appear tomorrow. Lead by some other righteous movement. Not to say it is not righteous, more that we get to choose what is just today even if it will appear out of favor tomorrow. ✊🏾

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  2. Smokes thier WEED. not “weird”. The revolution is to bring everyone into the present, not to change some “systemic injustice” By somehow changing history through a past analysis. The revolution is to bring about a change in how we are viewing what is actually occurring. It is not a powerful vs powerless struggle anymore. It is rather a we are all powerful in the ways in which we find ourselves existing now. Move.


  3. Marxism is a theory. Entrepreneurship is an action. Our current world government applies theory without action because at the end of the day those out in the streets are asking for minimum wage instead of demanding the Government step down and support the individuals’ collective rights to establish a functional system. A utopian system of controlled equality? Absolutely not. A living breathing system of checks and balances – such as the constitution – that gives the people the right to create their own working economy while the government operates purely as a overseer of public institutions. But if the people fail to show up with confidence to create their future they’re gonna get lip service with that soft boot on their neck. Great post Alrx👍👍


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